Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sound Dating Advice

The following conversation took place between me and Elliana(5) while we were playing princess.

Queen: What news from the suitors?
Princess Elliana: I have three suitors- Derek, Aaron, and Alexander.
Queen: And are they kind and good princes?
Princess Elliana: Yes. But Prince Alexander and Prince Derek are also courting Princess Allerina.
Queen: And what of Prince Aaron?
Princess Elliana: He's also courting Princess Risa.
Queen: So where does your heart lie?
Princess Elliana: I like Alexander the best. But it's ok if he chooses the other girl.
Queen: Won't you be sad if he marries someone else?
Princess Elliana: No, because there are plenty of other guys who want to marry me!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Um, weird!

Elizabeth, age 5, "Human phones, with chicken inside."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Taylor, age 6, sobbing, "Dominick says he's not my friend anymore."

Mom, " How come?"

Taylor, "Cause i burned Jaydens tramp."

Playing house

Elizabeth is playing house with some friends.
Elizabeth, age 5, "Girls, quick, go to sleep so Santa can come! Santa came, & he brought us a diaper bag!"

Elizabeth, "Girls, get in the car & I'll drive you to Santa's house."

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's My Name?

As I'm getting ready in the bathroom, Elliana(5) sits in quiet contemplation. After a moment she asks, "What's my friend Sam's last name?" I tell her, and then ask why she wants to know. "I was just wondering what my last name is going to be when I grow up and marry him."

Good Sportsmanship

While playing board games for family night, Elliana (5) turns to me and says, "I want you to lose- just so we're clear."

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Elizabeth, age 5, "Dang it! Now I'm making decisions!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm cleaning!

We are in our truck in Idaho Falls Seth (4) loves to ride in the back seat. So were heading home and we hear this "ssshshshshshsshshs" in the back.
Dad: Seth what are you doing.
Seth (4): I'm cleaning!
Dad: okay. we look at each other and shrug.
well thh shshing continues.
Dad: Seth what are you doing?!?
Seth: I'm cleaning up the yuckies back here on the floor.
Dad: okay?
Then we start smelling this certain stench that is vaguely familiar.
Dad: Seth you said your cleaning right?
Seth: yes I'm cleaning all the yuckies on the floor! (He's been bent over the whole time doing this)
Dad: With what are you cleaning with?
Seth: this
Dad: Seth, please show us what your cleaning with.
Seth show in his hand a bottle of "OFF" bug spray. which is now nearly empty. THe truck smell like "OFF" now and all we can do is laugh and thank him for doing such a fine job of making our vinyl on the floor sparkle and shine all cleaned, and keeping misquitoes away IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER!
So we have a new cleaner call "OFF" if anyone is interested in trying it! LOL!


Our family was headed to go bowling with our extended family. On the way we were explaining what bowling was to seth (4).
Dad: you pick out bowling balls and you roll them down an isle and try to knock over pins.
Seth: Oh wow FUN!! Are they big?
Dad: Yes their big, some are smaller then other and some are heavy and some are light.
Then for a long while their was silence. THen we hear
Seth (4): Daddy, are my balls heavy? (of course he was referring to the bowling balls he would pick.)
IN the mean time it took 10 min to answer cause Jeff and I completely lost it in the front seats.