Sunday, June 14, 2009

I need to talk to you

Yesterday Seth comes out of his room to our door and fiddles with the handle. Jeff opens our bedroom door, and this is the following conversation.

Jeff: "Good Morning"
Seth: (3 3/4) "Can I have a hug daddy"
Jeff: "sure" Dad gets on his knees and gives him a hug.
Seth: "Daddy, I need to talk to you".
Jeff proceeds to sit on the floor and give seth his full attention.
Seth: "No daddy, I need to talk to you, get into bed"
Jeff: "I'm here what do you need."
Seth: "No, I need to talk to you get into bed"
Jeff gets up and get onto the bed
Seth: "Now, put the covers on"
Jeff puts the covers on
Seth shuts the door. We are both supressing laughter at this point.
Seth: "Daddy, I will wait on the couch for you to wake up, okay"
Jeff: "Okay"
Seth left to go sit on the couch, we looked at each other and busted a gut.