Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reading time

Jeff and I read to Seth before night time every night, we read pretty much the same book, so he has them memorised exactly how we read them to him. That being said here's the following conversation:

Seth starts reading his thomas the train engine book
He's reading along with my inflictions that I use.
Seth: "Okay, mom who's up ahead"
Mom: "I think it's birtie"
Seth: "It is Mom"
He reads on
He goes on to read "stop or go", "hurry or help"
Seth stops looks at me and says, "so should he stop and help or not"
Smiling I said "stop and help"
Seth: "is that what thomas does?"
Mom: "Ya I think so"
Seth: "Good" and turns the page

Seth: "Who's on birtie, Mom"
Mom: "I don't know who's on birtie"
SEth: "Mom, ( in a matter of fact tone, looking importantly over his glasses) It's the children"
and then finishes the book.
I really wish I'd got that on video.