Thursday, June 25, 2009

Church Dance

H-girl changes into a dress and then goes to her room and turns on her music, upping the volume. She then turns it off and returns to Mom.

"Mama, I back from church dance."
"You're back from a church dance?"
"Yeah. Me and my friends. We played music louder and louder."

Must've gotten "church dance" from a friend's teenager, but that was weeks and weeks ago....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commuters & Barrettes

H-girl (3.5yrs) is sitting on a chair pretending to ride a train to work.

Mom, standing in the bathroom nearby, spots a green barrette H had asked to wear a couple days prior.

Mom: "Do you want to wear this hair barrette today?"
H: with a look of quiet shock, "No, I a boy right now. . . ."


H-girl (3.5yrs): "Mama, I buy you a baby!"

Mom: "You mean you are adopting a baby for me?"
H: No, I BUY you a baby, for you to hold!"

Friday, June 19, 2009


BriAnne (age 18): Dad, you have delicious ankles.


Nathan (age 6): I hate your toenails.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Words

The youngest in the family is starting to "talk."

Shannon(age 7 mo): Diediediediediedie.
She says this as she's crawling around eating everything she can get her hands on. Especially dirt and weeds.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Elizabeth (age 4): Excuse me!

Dad:Did you burp?

Elizabeth: No, my bum burped!

How's it going

We are in church today. Seth lays across Jeff's lap with his hands behind his head, looks up at Jeff (in the middle of a spiritual talk). and says:

Seth: "So...... How's it going".

I need to talk to you

Yesterday Seth comes out of his room to our door and fiddles with the handle. Jeff opens our bedroom door, and this is the following conversation.

Jeff: "Good Morning"
Seth: (3 3/4) "Can I have a hug daddy"
Jeff: "sure" Dad gets on his knees and gives him a hug.
Seth: "Daddy, I need to talk to you".
Jeff proceeds to sit on the floor and give seth his full attention.
Seth: "No daddy, I need to talk to you, get into bed"
Jeff: "I'm here what do you need."
Seth: "No, I need to talk to you get into bed"
Jeff gets up and get onto the bed
Seth: "Now, put the covers on"
Jeff puts the covers on
Seth shuts the door. We are both supressing laughter at this point.
Seth: "Daddy, I will wait on the couch for you to wake up, okay"
Jeff: "Okay"
Seth left to go sit on the couch, we looked at each other and busted a gut.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Want a piece of me?

Taylor and Elizabeth are playing around and pretending to "eat" each other.

Taylor(age 5) to Elizabeth: Are you hungry? You want a piece of me? (as he chases after her)


Hannah (3.5yrs) watches her shadow as she jumps and spreads out her arms and her legs. "I am exercising because I have a baby in my tummy. . . . uh . . . oo . . . . "

She then stops and runs to her room, declaring, "I need a bra."

So, I know where she got the first part, but the second??? WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. WHAT I MEAN IS that I'm not one to workout with my upper torso clothed only in a sports bra. Guess she got it from seeing all the other exercising women running around our area in shorts and sports bras.....LOL! My daughter has learned that women in our culture run around the city in their underwear.....What a crazy world we live in!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom: What would you like for breakfast Seth.
Seth (3 3/4): "Mom I need some juice"
Mom: "I think you need some water, Seth"
Seth (3 3/4): says matter of factly, "No, water is to busy, and tired, so I need some Juice. Okay Mommy"
Mom: supressing a laugh, replies "okay Seth"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reading time

Jeff and I read to Seth before night time every night, we read pretty much the same book, so he has them memorised exactly how we read them to him. That being said here's the following conversation:

Seth starts reading his thomas the train engine book
He's reading along with my inflictions that I use.
Seth: "Okay, mom who's up ahead"
Mom: "I think it's birtie"
Seth: "It is Mom"
He reads on
He goes on to read "stop or go", "hurry or help"
Seth stops looks at me and says, "so should he stop and help or not"
Smiling I said "stop and help"
Seth: "is that what thomas does?"
Mom: "Ya I think so"
Seth: "Good" and turns the page

Seth: "Who's on birtie, Mom"
Mom: "I don't know who's on birtie"
SEth: "Mom, ( in a matter of fact tone, looking importantly over his glasses) It's the children"
and then finishes the book.
I really wish I'd got that on video.

What's going on here

We get in the vehicle from gymnastics. Seth is in here car seat folds his arms and all serious looks over the top of his glasses and says:

Seth (3 3/4) "Okay, I know what's going on here"
Suppressing a laugh I asked "what"
Seth: "Horton"
(we got "Horton here's a who" and he watched it non stop today except for reading time, and nap time)
I have no Idea but it was funny.

so humble, NOT

We were sitting in church my son had just got his glasses (which we had been building up). My husband was saying, "you look so good in your glasses"

Seth (3 3/4) "Yep, I am; yep I do"

Our neighbor in the seat in front of us started smirking and said in an undertone "and so humble too".
To which seth replied: "Yep, I am."

Okay, we got the movie "Space Chimps" to cute. So I went to put it in the DVD player and told my son we were going to watch the monkey movie and I said their monkeys just like you.

Seth (3 3/4) Yep, I am!

The Benefits of Complaining

Elliana (4 1/2) has discovered a love of cooking. Today while we were in the kitchen making dinner, James asked for the second time when it was going to be ready. I told him, "Those that complain get to cook the next meal." Elliana immediately chimed in, "Can I complain?"

Monday, June 8, 2009

On Being Right

I'm always right and sometimes I'm wrong. Jacob, age 5 1/2

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Telling daddy

Daddy: You just told mama, why do you need to tell me?

Taylor (age5): Because I told myself to.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Elizabeth (age 4): I want a snack!

Daddy:will you just swallow your stomach and leave it there? Your stomach seems to always end up in your brain.

Elizabeth: That's not the way to get a snack, dad.

I've got your nose game

Elizabeth (age 4): Let me take your nose and give you my nose!

Nap, Anyone?

Frustrated mother:  "WHEN are you going to take a nap?"

WAY too cute 3-yr-old girl looks down at the imaginary watch on her wrist and sweetly answers, "Um, five years."

Can you believe I even asked that question in the first place?  Obviously, I was the one most needing the nap!